Appellation Contrôlée dates back to 1994 when it started out of what originally was a hobby: working and travelling about through Europe. It proved to be the best way to travel cheaply and to get to places where not many do: at the tables in the homes of employers, colleagues and many others.

From personal experience we know which are good places to work: good conditions, pleasant atmosphere and much contact with colleagues and other cultures and customs.
We personally looked for and selected the places of work where we have booked job places for harvest work.
Appellation Contrôlée is an organisation registered in the Netherlands and it meets all the legal requirements necessary to organise and offer these programmes.

We started with a programme in France after many friends and acquaintances had asked us to give them addresses etc. We know from experience that you can get by from work and what the land provides in any season. However, we would like to caution you: after two weeks in a vineyard or a southern orchard you'll be dead tired, satisfied and so restless that you probably don't want to go home any more; in love with somebody or the region; you name it....
Have a taste of that freedom!
  In this brochure we will give you a description of programmes for which you can apply.

All our international programmes are based on personal work experience. We visit all farmers personally, enter into an agreement with them, examine the amenities and the like and we figure out how you can get there, e.g. by means of public transport.
On the application form you can indicate in wich program you want to take part. You can also fill in the name(s) of other (an) person (s)if you wish to work together on the same farm. Send your form quickly, as there are only a limited number of places available. After your payment has been received the farmer is informed of your coming and you will receive all necessary information.

For your payment you can use the pre-printed giro credit slip which we will enclose when confirming receipt of your application form. It's also possible to deposit the money into our bank account, or use a cheque or postal order. After payment you'll receive all information about your place of work, working conditions, etc. as soon as possible.
  Often you'll be informed of the final starting date of your harvest only at short notice and at times that date is changed.
This is due to weather conditions: the farmers just can't give us the information at an earlier stage. Of course we pass it on as quickly as possible, but we are dependent on the farmers and the weather, too.
In case a programme is booked up or the harvest time doesn't correspond at all with the period you are available, your application will be cancelled. It goes without saying that any payment made will be refunded forthwith.
If you have any questions after having read our programme, you can send us an email :

Cancellation and some conditions:
In case of cancellation on your part one month or more before the start of the harvest at your place of work, we will refund 50% of your payment. Cancellations until two weeks before the start: 25% refund; later cancellations: no refund.

The relationship between pickers and the farmer (employer) is not our responsibility. An employer has the legal right to send away a picker (employee) if he has a good reason to do so. Appellation Contrôlée is not liable for any possible damage or loss of income.